How To Install Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Site

Since 2017, WordPress is moving towards SSL which provides the encrypted connection between the browsers and the servers. According to a blog post on Google Security Blog, beginning in July 2018, the new release of Google Chrome 68, the browser will mark all the non-HTTPS sites as “not secure”. So having a HTTPS site is an inevitable option.

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No Pain, No Gain

There’s easy learning like spoon-feeding all the information required to you and there’s another way of learning which requires a certain amount of pain so you would remember well.

I learned a lesson recently in a hard way. After I was rejected by Automattic, I reviewed the CV and the assignment I submitted to them and I realized there were so many mistakes I made in both the CV and the assignment!

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A Leap of Faith

Today, I made a leap of faith by hitting the submit button on the Job Application for Happiness Engineer form at Automattic.

It started a few months ago when I was doing the random Google search on the keywords like “freelance jobs in Malaysia”. After a few clicks here and there, the Work with Us page of Automattic landed on my browser. The name of the company looks very familiar to me. So I Googled again on it and realized it is the company behind WordPress!

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