Colony @ KL Sentral – A Review

Ever since I came across the Work with Us page on Automattic, I’ve always wondered what it’s like to work everywhere, including places like coworking spaces. Today, I decided to experience it to see if it’s suitable for me.

I’ve read through a couple of articles introducing tons of coworking spaces in Malaysia (especially in the Klang Valley area) and I chose Colony @ KL Sentral as the first place to start mainly due to its location.

My husband’s office is located at Plaza Sentral and I’ve been working at the same office for 3 years as well so I’m quite familiar with this area. Most importantly, KL Sentral is the central hub of the public transports like the LRT, KTM, and MRT. So if I want to choose a coworking space, location is going to be one of my main considerations.

Colony @ KL Sentral is located at the Q Sentral building, which is very conveniently accessible via KL Sentral. If you came here by MRT, it’s even shorter walking distance as there’s a connecting bridge between MRT and the Q Sentral building.

Upon my arrival to Colony, I was greeted by the friendly community managers with a cold towel (I was so grateful on this as I was sweating from a long walk from Plaza Sentral) and a complimentary bottle of drinking water. After filling up a short form and paying for my Day Pass access (it’s MYR 60 excluding SST), I was brought for a tour of the space.

Colony @ KL Sentral occupied the entire 37th floor at Q Sentral so it’s really huge. The floor comprises a common working area (for access to Day Pass/Prepaid Time Passes/Open Hotdesk members and occasionally used for event space), a few rows of desks for Reserved desk membership and plenty of private offices and meeting rooms available.

The Day Pass I purchased allows me access to the common areas (or the cafe tables) during working hours, that is from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, with internet access. Apart from that, I’m able to enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee with unlimited supplies of snacks at the pantry/cafe area. However, I was lucky enough to get to experience the reserved desk area with an ergonomic chair (see the story behind the selection of the chairs here), thanks to the hospitality of the staff!

To be honest, I didn’t expect a Day Pass to have the access only to the common areas. The sofas are comfy but when it comes to working on a laptop, I still prefer to have a proper desk and a chair. So if I’ve decided to commit to a long-term membership with Colony, I’ll most probably pick the reserved desk.

In terms of the environment, it’s not crowded yet probably due to it was only officially opened this month in January. To me, the people chatting and walking around might not interfere me too much thanks to my earphone and my favorite playlist on Spotify. The design of the area is 5-star hotel-like and the restrooms are very clean.

Office Today at Colony @ KL Sentral! I received a welcome gift from Colony for my visit!

In overall, I think Colony @ KL Sentral is a great place to work due to its strategic and convenient location. The Day Pass and Prepaid Time Passes (starts from MYR 338 per 100 hours) are super affordable if you’re fine with working at the common areas. The Reserved desk is a great choice too starting with MYR 920 per month.

Another thing I like about Colony is the hospitality towards their guests. Even though I’m just a Day Pass guest, the staff (hey Eileen!) was super considerate to lend me a laptop stand so that I won’t need to bend my upper body to work on my laptop. Kudos to the Colony team!

Have you been to Colony at KL Sentral or other locations? Share me your experience! I would probably be paying a visit to the other two locations soon.

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