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I have a badge on my profile!

Since July 2018, I’ve started contributing to the community. There are so many ways to contribute but I settled down with the Training team.

When I decided to learn more about WordPress in preparation to join Automattic, I visited the Make WordPress site to find out how I can contribute in ways that I’m capable of. There are core, design, mobile, support and lot more.

The Support team is the first that I joined to help in the support forum. It was a fun and exciting experience as I’m learning at the same time when I’m helping others. Eventually, I moved my focus to volunteer in support forum since that will be one of the places I’ll be working if I managed to join Automattic.

Among all the teams in Make WordPress, Training team’s description caught my attention.

Though I love helping people in using WordPress, I think it’s important to let the users learn how to use it. If they have the correct knowledge to work on their sites, most of the frustrations and confusions on not knowing what to do will be eliminated. And with that, it’ll bring more pleasant user experience.

So far I have completed two drafts of the lesson plans that I volunteered to work on and now started drafting the third lesson plan, which is about choosing and installing themes. There’s no deadline for each of the tasks but we try our best to complete them in a timely manner.

The Training team is small compared to other teams like the Support and Core team. Our Slack channel is also quiet most of the time unless it’s meeting time. But I enjoy the support I have from the team, mainly from the two major contributors – Julie Kuehl and Chetan Prajapati. And it’s heartwarming to see new volunteers joining the Slack channel and start contributing.

Interested in joining us in the Training team? Check out this page to get you started.

And finally, let me showcase the Training Team badge on my profile.

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