First WordPress KL Meetup

Today, I attended my first WordPress KL meetup for the topic of What, Why and How of WooCommerce, presented by MK Chan, CEO of MKECM IT Solutions.

The event started with a brief introduction to the WordPress KL, the organizers (Sam Suresh, Rindy Portfolio, and David Wang), WordPressDotOrg and WordPressDotCom (I am in both teams!), and the recap of WordCamp KL 2017.


Next, we had our speaker of the day, MK Chan, presenting us the various usage of WooCommerce as an e-commerce platform.

I used WordPress + WooCommerce a few years ago for my online bookstore but I’m amazed by the various extensions and plugins available in WooCommerce to be able to accommodate the needs of most of the e-commerce websites. We can setup a booking system, we can have a subscription-based content website, we can start selling by dropshipping or even the Amazon FBA, etc. All these can be done with the correct extensions using WooCommerce!

After the presentation, we had a helpdesk session for the developers or users to seek help from the speakers and other experienced users in setting up their WooCommerce store. I don’t have a WooCommerce sit yet but I enjoyed the networking time with the organizers and members in understanding each other better.

I appreciate the time and effort spent by the organizers and speaker for this volunteer event and I’m looking forward to our next meetup!

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