How To Install Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Site

Since 2017, WordPress is moving towards SSL which provides the encrypted connection between the browsers and the servers. According to a blog post on Google Security Blog, beginning in July 2018, the new release of Google Chrome 68, the browser will mark all the non-HTTPS sites as “not secure”. So having a HTTPS site is an inevitable option.

SSL certificates are not cheap. The price of it can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars a year. Thanks to Let’s Encrypt, casual bloggers can install free SSL certificates for their sites which will be valid for 90 days. You’ll need to renew it every 90 days to keep your site SSL-enabled.

Unfortunately, not all web hosting company provides the convenience to install the free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt on their chosen web hosting control panel. There are many other ways to do it but I’ve chosen ZeroSSL because it is easy to use and it is web-based. To see if your web hosting provider supports Let’s Encrypt, check out the list here.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to install the free SSL certificate for your WordPress sites or any websites via cPanel. Before we begin, here are some of the pre-requisites of this guide.

  • You own a self-hosted WordPress site or other websites that you have access to the web hosting’s control panel.
  • cPanel access. The SSL installation guide is based on cPanel so it might not be applicable to you if your web hosting provides you with another type of control panel.
  • Basic understanding of how SSL works.
  • Basic understanding of domain names and its structures.

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